31 December 2009

Volcano IC100 Driver

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Not all people get what they wanted since money is sometimes the medium in order to have what they wanted. Some people don't buy things by brand names, some buy things to the capacity of their money or even wait for hand-overs. I have an old webcam in my treasure box which I gave to my sister back in my country coz they need a webcam but when I gave it to them I can't find the driver in my hard drive.

Now, while I was browsing my old picture, I happened to find what I was looking for. Since it is a hard to find driver I decided to post it here. To all webcam owners of Volcano IC100 here is the driver.


Happy New Year to all.


Thanks alot!! I was searching this for a long time!! Really Great work!!

Thank you!
Just what I was looking for!

I am glad this article helped you Kent. Thank you for visiting my page.

Thanks, I was looking for it.

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