27 December 2009

CMFAds' New Spikes

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Before we tell you of the new feature by CMFAds, let me tell you all about it's featires:

  • Rock bottom prices - a 30 day ad costs as little as $0.01.
  • Selective network ads - quickly place hundreds of ads and exclude sites with high prices or high CPM.
  • Mid-term cancellations - stop an ad and immediately receive a partial refund.
  • View your best performing ads by CPM, CPC or total views.
  • Comprehensive stats for EVERY ad you place.
  • Bulk advertising - buy all ads on the current page of our site directory.
  • Sign up once only - we support multiple sites and even forum access on ONE username. Your balance can be used for any site you own.
  • All transactions in dollars and cents - so you instantly know how much an ad will cost.
  • Unparalleled support - every query is personally answered by one of the owners.
  • Active forums - we're not just an ad network - we have a thriving community at your fingertips.
Now you know of CMF Ads, let me tell you something about Spikes.

What is Spikes?
Well, for a certain is not the type of attack used in Volleyball. According to CMFAds, SPIKES are a quick way to drive traffic to your blog. Purchasing a Spike costs $0.20 and guarantees 50 unique clicks to your blog.

The question would be? Will it help them raise more income and more interests to their members? Well, they gained my interest and I am now spiking. Hope it helps both them and their members.

From the looks of it, it is quite doing fine. Let's see what happens after a few more days or weeks.


I purchased some spikes also. I wish I could tell you come by a spike. I will leave a message on all the spikes I visit so they will know. I do like CMF.

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