29 December 2009

Comparing Smart Phones with GSMArena

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Last post ago, I posted Sony Ericsson's AINO which is quite expensive when I checked the price. I checked HTC's Touch 2 since it is much cheaper. Again, I looked the other way and found my way to the cheapest (I mean cheaper than AINO and Touch 2). I found Samsung S8000 Jet and found it's feature almost not the same but of equal to AINO. Okay, they both have their own strengths to their feature but most of the things I need are in them already. Their added value just made the difference.

They both have Radio and both have GPS capabilities. Added bonus to Samsung S8000 is the DivX/Xvid video player with Dolby sound and has a larger storage capacity for applications, so I guess Samsung won my heart then. And to add value to it - it is much, much cheaper than SE's AINO (About $100 lesser). All in all, Samsung won my heart.

I haven't completely fall out of love on Apple's IPhone 3Gs, it's just that - it is way too much expensive for my wallet to handle. And I just compared IPhone 3Gs and Samsung S8000 and found them almost equal except when it's about storage - they both even have Digital Compass (I just don't know if they have the same capability). IPhone doesn't have an expandable card so I guess Samsung won me there again. I love IPhone 3Gs' games, I don't know about Samsung - I have to check that later.

Thanks to GSMArena for the information. A great site to compare your desired smartphones for its price, features and quality.


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