17 December 2009

Bux.To Payment

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I am a member of Bux.to since 2007, I got my 1st payout but after that the second payout is still under Pending and it has been a year now so I sent a ticket to them and this is their reply:

Thank you for contacting our Ticket Support Center.

Your payment request is being processed by the audit department. All payment requests must pass through audit. The depth of checking required determines how quickly requests are audited. This means some requests will be cleared faster when passing through audits.

Audit procedures are in place to protect honest members. Bux.to continues to find and remove fraudulent accounts. There are many other fraudulent issues we have to deal with, which are better not specified.

While doing this we continue to pay our members who act honestly. Please see the payment proofs, the stories and testimonials other members have sent in. Be reassured, if you are an honest member you will be paid.

Please accept our apologies that you still have to wait for your cash request to complete audit: as soon as it is cleared you will receive payment.

Thank you for your loyal membership and we wish you great earnings with bux.to.

Never forget that your earning makes our business.

Best regards,

Support Staff

So, who is not to be trusted? me or them? Well, just thought I should share something. By the way, I found some payouts that pay almost every month. Can't believe it. I don't know how they stay on business if their members aren't happy. Well, I am not expecting any from them anyways but I still click ads atleast 5 a day just to make my account active and hoping they would pay me.


I left that ripoff company a long, long time ago. I think they only pay the very first people that joined, and are premier members, in another words at the very top of the pyramid scheme, because that is all it is. I have been waiting two years to be paid a whopping ten dollars. That is why they switched from Paypal to Alert pay too, because Paypal was investigating them. Stay away from this company.

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