16 December 2009

Adgitize: Questions Enlightened

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Recently, I had some questions for Adgitize that I have not seen in their FAQ but thanks to their forum I was able to see the answers. Browsing at their forum, here are some important questions that may give light to all those who have some questions in their mind.

Missing points from your blog articles?
In the Member's Lounge, check if your blog is listed and your RSS feeds is also listed. If it is not you may have an old type of RSS feed, ask your webhost what kind or version of Rss you have. To check if you RSS feed is working, copy the rss code you posted and paste it on your browser's address bar and press enter. You should see an archive of your posts.

Blog not shown in Preferred Publishers?
First of all, you have to be sure to have 300 points every 4 days. And another thing is, the Preferred Publisher's list is randomly generated every 5 minutes I think. Check in the Member's Lounge also under Publishers if your blog is even listed and approved, you'll know if you see ACTIVE below it.

Having two blogs listed in Preferred Publisher, what is the benefit?
For sure it will earn you more points in your Ad Views and Page Views but you will only earn for one article a day which means if you have 1 new article for each of your blog that day, you'll only earn 100 points (1 article).

100 Clicks is 100 points, 600 click is what?
100 clicks hehe! But if you are an Advertiser you can click up to 50 and get 100 points.

How do you withdraw your earnings?
No need to do such thing. Normally, every 10th of the month Adgitize starts paying all who have reached the minimum Adgitize cashout of $10.

Is Adgitize the same as Google's Adsense?
No. Adsense is a pay-per-click, pay-by-impression (takes forever to earn $0.01). Adgitize however pays you for your activity which earns you points. This points will be the ratio of your share from Adgitize's profit for a day. 100 points is easy to earn, just post an article a day plus your activities like clicking other member's adgitize button ads (125 x 125).

Which is better Adgitize or Google's Adsense?
If you have a small business or only have a personal blog then Adgitize will earn you more than Adsense, take it from my experience. I had my Adsense for years and I only have $15 in my account. Check this evaluation:
With Adsense I earn $0.01 for 3 days.
With adgitize FREE account, I earn $0.03 per day.
With adgitize advertiser account, I earn at least $0.75 per day.

Now do the math. Are you happy, you checked this out?

How is daily earnings rated?
You can see this in the menu - Earnings - title is Percentage Earned
(MemberPoints / Total Points) * ( Money available to network for daily earnings.)
The higher your rate goes, the higher your earnings get.

Can you earn even for a FREE acoount?

Can I trust Adgitize?
Another ABSOLUTELY! Mr. Ken Brown is a very patient, honest and very supportive admin. Quick response and quick action is another thing I've experience from Adgitize.

Hope this helped everyone. Happy Adgitizing.

To all who haven't Adgitize yet, JOIN HERE!


Great article! I have a free account and I'm actually making 25cents a day. And the last couples of days I've actually earned more than usual. I guess the earning are moving up!

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