05 December 2009

SmillaEnlarger: Image Resizer for FREE!

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Here is a useful application for everyone that can make almost any small images into something printable. This will be very useful specially when working with those free icons found on the internet. Sometimes we feel that the detail isn't enough that we like to add some cool details on the images we found.

I remembered working with images that was given to me before. If only I had this tool that time. I have to get my hands on a very expensive Adobe Photoshop or a pirated one just to make those images larger and printable.

No need to worry now. This application will give you the result you wanted for FREE!

Grab a copy and enjoy enlarging those small images you have and make it printable. Here are the requirements to run this application.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
Requirements: 20MB hard drive space; DirectX 9.0c or later; latest version of Flash
File Size: 8181 KB
Author: Mischa Lusteck



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