10 December 2009

Fast and Free Video Player

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Lots of video clips can be downloaded easily nowadays and some are even at high quality. Have you watched a huge resolution video in full screen? I remembered I downloaded a high-resolution video a week ago and my problem is I can't watch the movie properly because of it's resolution is so high. My machine is not a high-end PC so it is a problem for me to watch high-quality videos specially with resolution of 720p.

A great thing happened yesterday. I was browsing the web and saw this player and so I tried since it plays MKV music videos that I have downloaded before from AZURES torrent downloader. I installed it and to my amazement it worked great. The video and audio were in perfect synch. So okay I tried some of my downloaded MKV videos with subtitles and once again I was really amazed, I remembered watching that video and missing a lot of subtitles but when I used VLC Media player, I never missed a subtitle and seen the whole movie with its full glory.

You can download it here directly - CLICK HERE! Remember to check with antivirus after you download. I have tested this version though and with my up-to-date anti-virus from Microsoft, Security Essential no virus was found. If you doubt Microsoft better check it with your favorite antivirus program.

File is 17MB in size.
Here is the link once again - VLC Movie Player.
Please comment if the link isn't working or if it has virus or if the program isn't working at all. I am not the developer of this software.


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