06 December 2009

My 1st Adgitize Payment!

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Congratulations to me! I just received my first payment. Attached below is the proof of my payment. Okay, I admit that I have investment money for advertisement but it was worth it. I got the traffic that I asked for and got interest from it as well. I invested $14 (their old monthly advertisement) and got $19.77 which means I got $5.77 as interest. In reality, $19.77 is all the income I have coz I really paid for advertising and got it already.

To all those who have no idea what Adgitize is. Adgitize is a network affiliate program that increases your blogs traffic through advertisement which is by the way totally cheap compared to other advertising websites, especially PTC sites.

They are going to increase your blog's traffic and your money as well. You can earn from them as a FREE member and more income as an advertiser. One more thing, check my offer below.

Bonus from me. Join under my referral link and advertise and I'll pay you $1 back rebate and I'll create your 125x125 button ads for Adgitize.



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