08 December 2009

Another Way to Earn Traffic and Money!

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Here is another way for everyone to earn traffic at your site or blog at the same time you'll earn money, they offer a lot of options for you to earn money and to earn traffic.

DonkeyMail has been online since 2005. They have Paid-To-Read emails, Paid-To-Click, Paid-to-Promote, etc....

To earn traffic in your site, use their manual surf. With their manual surf, you'll get surprises from cash to extra credits which you can use to send people to your site or blog.

I have been using their site eversince 2006, I just stopped because I have also stopped my online activities. Recently, I've discovered a way to invite people to my website with their manual surf. With their manual surf you can control the time your blog/site to appear at Donkeymails.

Hope this helps you earn money and traffic. See you there. Click banner below to join.

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout


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