29 December 2009

Eyeing for New

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I was trying to get a new IPhone 3GS this month but to no avail, it did not happen because Mobily has almost sold-out all their IPhone and what's left is 3 pieces of IPhone 3GS 32GB. The price is too much for me so I decided to buy their cheapes IPhone - the IPhone 3G but like I said there are no more stocks left except the 3GS 32GB.

Now I am looking for new and acceptable replacement, cheaper but also good. And in my quest, I found 2 PDAs I think will fit my needs. One is the HTC Touch and this Sony Ericsson AINO that is looking quite decent.

I am a fan of Sony Ericsson. My 3 previous cellphones are all Sony Ericsson so I guess considering them would be a priority. I'll check for the price tomorrow. Enjoy the commercial and its gallery just below.


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