13 December 2009

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Okay, it's been days or probably weeks since I brought the status of this blog. I can only say that among all my blog launches, this blog is the only one that brought me success and great opportunities.

First, with this blog, I was able to gather more traffic and visitors more efficiently than before. I'd like to thank Adgitize to that, it has been a great success since I've used the combined promotion of Adgitize and EntreCard.

I have made the biggest payout in my entire affiliate programs history. Yes, sad to say that I only got a few pennies from my past payouts with other network affiliate websites but it was all thank to Adgitize for a great payout. Their advertesing has just doubled but the earnings given to you are also increased by 2 so I guess earning more income this following days is much more easier or reaching my 2nd payout.

Before I forget, I have just received an email from Bux.to. To all who have no idea what bux.to is, bux.to is a PTC or paid to click site. They claim that they are the number one and that they pay their members. I got my payout from them and got my premium membership fee back. The email contains that they will now be soon closing and they are just offering more money to boost your chances of being paid before they close. I can only say that to hell with them, if they really plan on paying bux.to members, they should have just paid their members and not ask for additional $10 to be paid. This $10 will entitle you of real payment. Bux.to are SCAMS!

More updates tomorrow and may all of you have a very merry christmas.


I know of several people using Adgitize, and I need to look into it. Glad it is helping you out.

For some reason, I can't comment on your Shoutbox.

I wanted to follow up on Gagay's Triple Medical BlogThing Game. I won third place.

Take care!

Ya, I saw the winners and congratulations. I am preparing the widgets for the 1 month ad. I'll check your site to for details I can use to create your ad.

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