05 October 2010

Ever Dreamt of This?

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I remembered a friend who showed me a video of a laptop being thrown, dropped, run-down by a jeep, spilled water and coffee but when they opened the laptop -it was still intact. That was almost 13 years and the laptop is a heavy duty made by Dell. It is not just an advertising --it is full of truth. I told myself, I am going to have a laptop just like that someday and up to now I still don't have that laptop.

But what really made me remember DELL was this advertisement. I can't believe that this is trully a laptop --I still don't believe it by the way. I think this is just a joke or something but if it is true then it is one hell of a laptop.

This is one tough laptop. I wish they make laptops like this. Dunno if this is true or just a commercial joke but it would be great if this was true. Ever dreamt of having this laptop?


Still saving up for my laptop... Sana makaipon ako agad...

wow! sana ganun talaga ang lenovo laptop. the one we had in the office didn't even last for 2 years ;(

Hahahaha that was a very tough laptop, hilarious~!

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