04 December 2013

Final Fantasy VI on iOS and Anroid

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When I heard about Square Enix's news about Final Fantasy VI I got quite excited and checked out the screenshots as soon as I heard about it, but I got quite disappointed. Maybe I was expecting a really nice looking game. It is quite nice to look at but I was expecting it to be better. I know I shouldn't be expecting something really nice for tablets but have they seen the graphics of most games lately? I like the Final Fantasy III & IV for android were much better looking - dunno - can't tell because they only went out with 2 screenshots. But I am hoping to hear more about their Kingdom Hearts. I think they so much potential on the tablet market right now.

Dunno, let's see what happens next. From the looks of the first screen shot below - it looks like 3D acceleration or engine will be required, most probably for tablets with NVidia Tegra graphics built-in to it may be able to play with it. And probably they'll show a better screenshot next time.

So here are the screenshots for Final Fantasy VI (iOS / android games).

Reference: Japan Square Enix website.


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