24 October 2010

EntreCard Review

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I already made a brief review of how anyone can Take Advantage of EntreCard from my other website but I'll make another one --okay, this is to grab the Freebie 5000 credits from EC - it is actually a contest but they claimed that everyone is a winner just by making a review. But this doesn't mean that it'll affect my review.

Here are some of my great experiences with EntreCard:
  • Real Traffic - yes, what I really like about EC is the real traffic it brings my website and it's not just a traffic, the people who will eventually visit you will come from the same niche as you are.
  • Free Ads - now here is a great way to advertise your website for free. Check our the campaigns and look for the niches that your site is related to.
  • PageRank - this could pretty well increase your backlinks and increase friends of the same niche or category. Remember, having a backlink from a website with the same category as yours will give your site boost in PR.
  • Toolbar - download their toolbar (for Firefox) and make your EC surfing easier. Note: drop on the blogs/sites of the same category to gain possible viewers of the same interest as yours. Get more tips from others and probably gain more readers - I know coz most of my favorite blogs are from EC.
  • Cheap Ads - if you want to advertise on all the blogger who has EC then you could be on for treats. I don't have an exact idea of how many users are registered at EC but from the looks of it --they have hundred thousands and they will all view your advertisement.

Now, what are the disadvantages?
Well it seems to me that most EC users would want to make money out of their EC credits. I've tried checking usages for EC but I didn't find anything to do with exchanging credits to money. I've seen a few who sells by bulk and I think it is good if you drop a lot or get lots of advertisement and able to accumulate a lot of credits per day. I guess it is still an advantage if you do make a lot of credits per day.

So far that is the only negative thing I find about EntreCard. I'll be advertising with them soon as I receive my payout from other online businesses. I would like to grab their $10 advertisement promo. By the way, you can also check out how you can Take Advantage of EntreCard for more great things you can do with EC.

This is considered a sponsored review. Thanks for visiting and reading. Please feel free to visit them to check out other benefits in using Entrecard.


congrats you will have 5,000 credits maybe i'll try posting if i have time =)

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