04 October 2010

Means of Payment

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Make Money Online programs use different payment types -sometimes they support almost all respectable payment processors. Before, one of the leading payment processor was Paypal -it is still one of the leaders but because of the issues regarding the abuse of the payment system -many accounts were hold / instigated and some were closed. Currently, the leading payment system for most PTC (Paid to Click) programs is AlertPay and because of the issues regarding account closure, account investigations -most online businesses shifted to AlertPay. 

When involved with online marketing or online businesses like PTCs, Affiliate Marketing, Online MLMs, Matrix, Ad Networks, etc... You will need one of these two payment system or you could have both. Let's see their promising features:
  • Send / Request Money
  • Multi-Currency
  • E-Wallet / Credit Card Instant Payments
  • Mass Pay
  • Deposit and Withdraw (to Bank)
  • International
  • Easy Payment Cart Creation

Warning: Don't try and cheat on both payment system or your money will be lost.

Get AlertPay

Get Paypal


I have only one account and its on paypal, i'm glad i'm not having any problem since the day i started until now.

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