04 September 2013

Diablo 3: Now on PS3 and Xbox 360

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After unveiling their new expansion pack for Diablo 3, now you can play this game on your consoles PS3 or Xbox 360. Blizzard may have fine-tuned this version for both consoles but it is just like the PC/Mac versions only with some tweaks for the console's controller and some customized interface.

Now Blizzard has a lot more in their hands aside from Diablo 3 PC/Mac users on their battle.net. I wonder how which one will be better at gameplay, the PC/Mac or the console-tuned D3. Another things is, will they be asking you to get connected and create a battle.net account first before playing the game? --probably not since they'll make the D3 Xbox Live available only til October 4. Like most games, both will cost a $59.99.

Here is the article for D3's press release - click here. Enjoy guys.


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