07 October 2010

I Love ClxSense Toolbar!

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I remember I used to login to Clixsense just to be disappointed to see no available advertisement or Clix. But hey, there is  a fun, informative and very easy way of monitoring new Clix. After I have installed the ClixSense toolbar, I was able to click 5-10 clix a day. I remember not receiving any for a day --and I have to login first before I could see if there is none or atleast a few to click.

Now that I have experience a rather dramatic number of clix I can click for a day - I love the feeling that while I am typing my first sentences about ClixSense's toolbar, I get to see two new clix available. I was able to click the ad a few seconds after I see them posted. I may reach the minimum payout and get my investment back +more to come.



do we need to purchase something before we can be part of clixsense or like the other ptc which is free to join. thanks.

No need to purchase anything, it is a PTC so you have to click. By the way, you can earn more if you upgrade. Upgrading is only $10/YEAR and when you join our team you'll also have a chance to have referrals of your own provided by the team. You gain $2 for each direct ref upgrade and $1 for 2nd level to 8th. Just check out my other ClixSense post.

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