11 October 2010

Adgitize 4th Payment

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Okay, here is another payout from Adgitize. In case you are wondering what Adgitize is. Adgitize is an Ad Network that delivers traffic to your website. You may also have the possibility of having your investment back by clicking Adgitize's widget on publisher's or advertiser's website or blog. You may also use their forum to interact with their users to gain friends, gain points and more income just by being friendly to others. One great thing about Adgitize is --the dramatic amount of visitors on your website will not negatively affect your Google Adsense.

Here are the benefits in joining Adgitize:
Gain huge traffic everyday.
Use their demographic option and get a higher pagerank.
Advertisers may get cash rebates--almost making the advertising for FREE!. + possible income.


wow,congrats,got mine as well,my very first payment after 4 months,lolz...

Ww, that's a huge one, how'd you o it?


your hard work pays off!

@chubskulit, you're actually doing it already. the biggest factor is be an advertiser.


Wow! That's big! Congrats Noel.. More earnings next month!

@chubs - it is actually two months of being an advertiser. That is why it is huge hehe!

Congrats to all Adgitizers for all the payments Ken did.

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