27 October 2010


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My previous article was about the advantages in using EntreCard and that won me a 5000 EC. Yehey! Well, it is actually a give-away made by Entrecard to all their members. Make a review and win credits and that is a sure win for all who joined. It will take me a lot of dropping before I get to have that amount of credits so it is a great reward.

I may have lost this blog's PR but I have another reward which makes up on my loss. My other blog Baul ni Noel has been ranked and not just PR1 but PR3. It is a family-oriented blog, inspired Biblicaly and some of my life adventures as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I put a lot of love on that blog that is one of the reasons I got people to follow me there and most of my friends even read it.

For your information, I try to earn money with both blogs. Making reviews, pay-per-post and affiliate marketing with Google Adsense so if your blog is about family, technology, inspirational, or even a money-making website and you want to add more PR to your site/blog --I am willing to make a review for a price.


Wow PR3! Congrats on a job well done for Baul ni Noel. Xleon Tips is quite well also with Alexa rank of about 379k. Keep it up!

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