12 October 2010

Blogger Spot: The Miscellaneous Me

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I'd like to add a new featured article in my blog dedicated to all the blogs I found really interesting. I'd give a few words about their blog/site and make them shine in my Blogger Spot. This is part of the contest I made before about my wife's birthday and since Chris won the first prize, I'd like her to be the first to be on the Blogger Spot.

The Miscellaneous Me: Musings of a Pinay Blogger is one of those Mom blogs out there that is a blog to visit. It is hosted under a domain name - http://www.themiscme.info/ and is using a Wordpress blog platform. Her blog started around May 12, 2010 and features a 3-column blog theme called  ZenX WordPress Theme. You may also find a wide variety of online contests found on the internet. You will like the simplicity of its theme which just fits a Mommy blog. You will also find lots of interesting stories that Chris found really interesting - she already picked up the good stories so you won't have to look for them. It's amazing what treasures you may find on the internet nowadays. I think she likes charitable foundations coz I found a few articles regarding those charitable foundations or charitable events that is to come. I also found an Adgitize button on her site so which means she is a fellow-Adgitizer. You must try and visit her blog specially if you love online contests.

Please do visit her blog and check it out for yourself.


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