31 March 2011

Facebook's Annoying Splash Page

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Are you an FB Fan or just a member? If you are then you might actually relate to this topic. Have you seen their splash page where you are asked to make Facebook your homepage? I must say that I am really annoyed by that. They may have included a "SKIP" button but it still is annoying to see every first log during a day, sometimes it is even rampant. I hope they remove it because it is like you have no choice but to make them your homepage if you don't want to be annoyed. 

I like Facebook, no I love Facebook. I actually login almost 10x a day just to check on other friends and family back home in Manila. If I want to make them my homepage, I've done that a long time ago but I did not because I don't want to and it is my choice.

Yesterday, I made them my homepage after days of being annoyed by the splash page. After that it went quiet. I thought they won't mind if I don't make them my homepage anymore. Probably it is database driven but after I have removed the homepage and put it back to a blank page - it went back again. Yes! the annoying FB splash! Okay, I guess I'll just have to ignore it and be patient about it.

If some of the staffs are reading this. Can't you just make a floating DIV anywhere the screen (except my profile pic and menus of course) coz it is really annoying and it is not helping at all. You are already famous, no need to be greedy about fame. I already love you guys!


If this is a manifesto, haha well..
I am Bon and i am annoyed!

(off topic: huy parekoy pa enable naman sa comment section mo ang NAME/URL para mas ok!) thanks!

di possible yun dito sa blogger pero I'll try and use a third party comment plugin na lang. Thanks!

Hello!! Was here visiting today.God Bless!!


I have this the annoying splash screen and loud beep whenever I turn it on for a month. I was just stumbled upon how to make it turn off. Thanks.

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