10 March 2011

Officially a Premium Social Monkee!

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After referring 12 people, I have made a breakthrough of having to achieve something out of NOTHING! Yes. I did not spend a buck or even a penny. As a premium member of Social Monkey, I get to see the reports on where my blog article has been posted. I am very glad to see it and I could defenitely say - it was well worth it to be a Premium Member.  And also as a free member I can build a total of 100 backlinks per article in 1 day - Yes! that is correct - 1 day.

Just got an update! Even Free members now can get to see reports. 

Now I am ready for more backlinks. Now I can also submit 3 URLs a day. I do think that Social Monkee is worth the upgrade for everyone.

NEW Lense for my Nikon F60
One other thing, I can't wait to get a hold of my new camera lense. I just acquired a video of basic photography. Hopefully, I'll get better results soon.


Congrats on being a premium social monkee.

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