13 March 2011

I Like the new Clixsense!

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Have you seen the new Clixsense website? I've seen it and I really digged it. Their old website was great already but if you have seen the new one you'll understand how I feel now. It looks great! The design was quite astonishing. There is one great feature that I know all PTC crazed people out there would really like. They have added the Paypal to their options of withdrawal and other cash transactions.

I've just been online for a few minutes and I've already found 13 clix. I can see the positive response from other businesses out there and of course more clix, more money for everyone. Though it felt like a PTC-like experience unlike before which is quite unique but I am not saying I don't like that idea. What I'm just trying to say is that their website before was like unique in its own way, you won't have a feeling you are in a PTC site. The bad thing about PTC experience nowadays is that you'll always have this feeling that someday, in a twinkling of an eye - they could vanish into thin air. But I have a great confidence with Clixsense unlike any other PTCs out there. Who wouldn't? They've been in the PTC business since 2007 and I could say that they should be rewarded for such excellence in the PTC business.

Not even the almighty Neobux or the newcomers can compete them. The fact that they are not selling referrals or renting one may seem discouraging for others but it could only mean that they are serious in their advertising business and not in the business of selling or renting referrals. I can confidently say that they are the most honest PTC business ever made.

Have you seen the new Clixgrid? At last, I can have a better chance of winning. The clixgrid before was very confusing. And since the new clixgrid allows you to see the boxes you have clicked before there is of course more chance for you to spot a prize.

More earnings....
Yes! Since there are more Clix (after introducing Paypal and the brand new web design) now from my All-Premium refs (exclusive from my team), I earn a ratio of their activity too.

Thanks Clixsense for a job well done.


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