16 March 2011

Adsense On Demand on your Mobile!

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I remembered a fellow-blogger commented about how he used to monitor his Adwords or Adsense almost every hour or 2 to see which of his keywords and niches did great in his blog. Imagine how would you feel when you are outside and you have the need to check the status of your earnings in Adsense. You might just get frustrated when you can't see most of the screens when you login to Adsense with your mobile.

Here is the good news. Adsense has a new interface now and it is mobile. Now you can see almost everything in a mobile perspective without getting frustrated on your screens. You can now monitor your earning everywhere, get important updates from adsense.

First thing you should do in order to activate this is to opt in on their desktop interface. Please bear in mind that it is still under beta so there could be some missing features that are not available. You can check the video below.


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