09 March 2011

What About Daddy Blogs?

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I've been browsing the web almost everyday and I've been surfing and blog hopping but only a few Daddy Blogs I found on the web. How about you? Are you a Daddy Blog or just a plain blog. So what defines a Daddy Blog

First let us see the usual Mommy Blog. It is of course created by a Mom and usually a home-working mom. Well, I think usually Mom blogs are usually about earning money on the web online, parenting, cooking, taking care of children and household activities, etc... Well my Baul ni Noel blog comprised of something like that too - so should it be considered a Daddy blog or Dad Blogs (or a Mommy Blog lol!).

Sod guys! Any Dad out there? It's not about battle of the sexes. Maybe it is because most men bloggers are tech blogs, SEO blogging, cars, sports, etc... The great thing about the mom blogs are the blogs are mostly attached or well connected to other mom blogs without even competing against each other. Maybe alpha males tend NOT to associate themselves with other alpha males - they'd rather stick with other mom blogs. Maybe it's the way men are - is it?

Anyways, this is just a pigment of my imagination and I just want to admire mom blogs that help each other in making a community and having one common goal - help each other in blog popularity for their very own purposes.

Oh, I feel so sleepy now. That's it for now. Hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone.


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