20 March 2011

Need Hardware Drivers for Old PCs?

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Don't you just hate it when you try to download a driver on the internet and found out that what you have downloaded was a client software to detect hardware specifications and do the downloading for you? Well, I don't hate it IF it trully works but if it doesn't then it is a useless tool. I have been a victim of this thing a few times. They even name the file same as the file you are looking for and it really is very annoying.

For most people who do the maintenance, it is rather annoying finding a lot of website offering the drivers on their website but what they trully offer is trash and junks of client softwares that will be installed in your PC. The worst thing was they don't have a link that says "Uninstall". I hate the fact that it is in my PC, it is residing there yet I can't do anything about it. For people like me who has paranoias and traumatic syndrome from accidental installation of worm viruses -it is very tormenting. I maybe inviting or opening new doors for a new worm virus.

When you really need drivers for you PC, probably old PCs - you can go to Driver Collection's website - they also have new hardware drivers. No, this is not a sponsored article and I don't own that website. I just made this to share my wonderful experience and to support their wonderful service. I just want people to go away from those trash websites after I had a very bad experience from them. If you have other websites to get drivers without risking your machine's security -please do share it too.

With regards to their download, you may have to wait around 20 minutes every download you make since they have limits but it is all worth the wait. They also offer client software that detects your hardware specifications but at least they make it as an option not like other websites that REQUIRES YOU to install it and use it as the downloading agent which really sucks big time. They also have different languages for non-english speaking users.


pasabit dito! hehe! ^ ^

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