03 March 2011

1st Clixsense Payout and 3rd Ask2Link Payout

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With joint effort from Clixsense Team Philippines, we were able to come up with a solid team capable of earning stream of profits. Maybe it is too early for me to say that but since we are a team when it comes to advertising, we have come up with 786 members now. Like what they say "Two heads and better than one" and indeed it is. 

Yesterday, when I checked my email I was a little bit suprise to see that I have received an Alertpay payment so I immediately checked it and found out that the payment came from Clixsense. I felt overjoyed because it was the first time I have totally received a payment from them. I wish to receive more in the coming months and it is most likely probable now eversince they have introduced a new way to earn from your referrals.

This week I have also received my 3rd payment from Ask2Link, though it was a small payout I still consider it a gain. So check out the payment proofs below.

The 1st Clixsense Payout.

 ==== 0 ====

My 3rd Ask2Link Payout.
 Yay! Thank you fellow team members and congrats to all who had their payouts too. Keep up the good work guys.


Congrats on your first Clixsense payout! :)

I only got 10 bucks from them so far..

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