07 March 2011

Adgitize Payment

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I have just received yet another payout from Adgitize. That would be my 5th Payout this time. I'll probably renew if I think I will have lots of free time. But most probably no since I have 3 projects on the way and 1 deadline. It seems time is really gold.

=== proof of payment coming up ===

I'll post the proof later or tomorrow.

Someone told and ask me why am I still using the old format for comments. Well I am afraid that if I choose to change it - I will lose ALL my previous comments. So if you have any idea of a widget that lets you get people's address or just leave a comment properly without losing my previous comments - I ask you PLEASE tell me so I can use it. Thank you all.


i just posted my 3rd payment.
hey, please teach me how to wrap around your adsense into your post, i like it. please...

@lee - it is somewhere in my blog. Below this page are my labels and look for adsese and you'll find every post about adsense. Hope it helps.

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