17 February 2011

Is your Blog Readable?

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I always value how my readers find my blog, be it negative or positive that is why whenever I post an article, I make sure it is well understood by my readers. So the question is, how readable is your blog? Do people understand your blog? If you write your articles with very complex words then people who will most likely subscribe to your blog would be adults and most probably highly educated (eg. online newspapers) but if you make it very simple and quite clear then you'll have a much more wider audience. 

Tech-support Ize

I always thought that having so much complex words in your blog is not very important as long as you can deliver your message very clearly and direct to the point.

I also think that when SEO Blogging, most searched keywords are very simple words like earn, money, investment, income, etc... So making your website or blog's article as simple and as clear as possible will very much likely earn you reputation to Google's search engine which is a great benefit to you in increasing traffic (visitors).

While browsing Adgitize's forum, I found an article that Ken Brown wrote. He found a website that actually reads and evaluates your site's readability. This is my blog's result.

This page has an average grade level of about 6.
It should be easily understood by 11 to 12 year olds.

Readability Indices
Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease 78.5
Flesch Kincaid Grade Level 4.3
Gunning Fog Score 5.1
SMOG Index 5.2
Coleman Liau Index 10.7
Automated Readability Index 3.8

Text Statistics
No. of sentences 167
No. of words 1334
No. of complex words 123
Percent of complex words 9.22%
Average words per sentence 7.99
Average syllables per word 1.42

Check out your site's readability at The Readability Test Tool.


Cool. I am adgitizing, too and will try that tool~

my main blog is for grade level of about 8.

@Liz - thanks for visiting.

@eric - thanks again for visiting. I wanted to visit your website but since your profile is in private mode, I was unable to see your listed blogs.

I understood every word. It's very important to make sure that our blog is easily understood. I will definitely keep this in mind before I publish my next blog. To me it sounds like it's easily understood, but it may not be to someone else. It's worth the time to be sure. Thanks!

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