26 February 2011

Blogger Update, Android App and New Search!

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Have you noticed some problems regarding the template designer? A lot of people are having problems with their blogger accounts most specially when editing their templates. Yes it was reported and made known to Google already. Here is a report about it from their blog - Known Issues for Blogger. So to everyone, do not be afraid and just be patient. 

I too have experienced this for the past two days. I am trying to edit the template of my other blog - "My Omnia 2" when after the edits I've done - I was unable to save it. Read more and I'll tell you how to edit it even if you can't save your edits -that is if you still can't edit your templates.

Blogger Updates!
Do you see that "Link" option? You know what it does?

Aside from the template designer issue, their are new things that Google team are implementing on their Blogger which could be an explanation on what is happening around Blogger error issues - They are upgrading Blogger. Okay, here is a simple tip in order to make edits.
  • Download the Full Template.
  • Edit the XML file with Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad.
  • Upload it again.

Blogger App for Android handhelds!
Here is another good news to all bloggers who use Blogger. If you have a PDA or tablet PC like Samsung Galaxy or any Android OS device, you can use the Blogger App almost everywhere now. Grab their new application and nothing will ever stop you from blogging now. To download it go to the Android Market and download it there, it is a FREE software. Read about the news at Blogger Buzz.

Google Search: Recipe View

This is great news for all Moms out there who loves to cook and Dads like me too. Watch the video and I know all of you will get excited about this new feature - I am pretty excited about that too. Read their article about it here and you'll know why you should be excited about the new feature. 

You are doing great Google. Keep up the good work!


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