15 February 2011

Yearning, Learning and Earning is the GOAL!

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When crisis hits us, we find ways to overcome it and as much as possible if we can do it in the comforts of our home – we try it (atleast most of IT or unemployed mom does). I’ve been yearning to do that I think five years ago but I always end up scammed or rejected. Here are the list of the things I’ve tried:

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) – most people know of this as ponzi scheme and only people on top wins which is usually the management or the business itself. In my opinion, I don’t find it bad if the company is selling goods and there is no problem if they benefit to it since it is their business. I can only consider it bad if there are no goods or product that is being sold.

If you are good at sales and have a lot of friends who potentially may join you – it will be beneficial to you. This scheme requires helping one another (in your tree or network of course) especially if your underlings (that’ what I call referrals or downlines) can’t find downline of their own. It will be your sale anyways and both of you will benefit from it – it is called spillover or downline of your downline but your direct sale. 

Hey I even tried offline MLMs where there is product to sell (Edmark in KSA-Jeddah, First Quadrant in Philippines) but none of them made me successful in making income. GDI or Global Domains International is one of the online MLM that I am talking about, I’ve tried it and I was able to find 3 downlines but I wasn’t able to succeed because it took a lot of my time. I still think it is a good MLM and if ever I don’t have a job and have a lot of time in my hand – I’d do it again. Risk for this program is high because there are a lot of scam MLMs out there

Money Cyclers – they are also called Matrix programs. Basically, you don’t need to sell anything here. You can just promote your referral link and if someone joins – you’ll earn a direct sale but if not – you’ll still benefit because the more people that are joining this program the more chances of you turn to come and make a cycle. After you cycle, it is up to you if you want to re-invest your money or just take it back but most of this programs have a minimum withdrawal amount so if you haven’t reached that amount – you still can’t have your money. The only option for you then would be to re-invest it. Risk for this program is also high because of scams.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) – this is the most risky of all business on the internet. There is absolutely 99% scam HYIPs on the internet. Before you can even ROI (Return of Investment) they’ll vanish into thin air. There are a few HYIPs I joined where I got my money and the interest but none of them really stayed long and became scams or just closed without a warning.

Forex (Foreign Exchange) - no, I did not join any of this program because it requires a big amount of investment. That is a risk I am not willing to take.

GPT (Get Paid To) / PTC (Pay to Click) – are some of the programs on the internet that is quite taking a huge interest in most people. I have a lot of successful programs where I have earned great amount of money. Currently, there are numbers of honest paying on my list and I even have list of those PTCs that paid.

  • Bux.to – this is scam already but I’ve earned big time from them before.
  • Neobux - they are still paying.
  • Intoffers - this is the oldest PTC I’ve joined with and they are still paying me with honesty.
  • and more (Check out the Payment Proofs if you don’t believe me)
Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the best online marketing programs ever made available to internet entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation where the manufacturer will be able to receive as many website visitors because there are many affiliates that will lead customers to his website. On the other hand, the affiliate is going to receive handsome commission by leading customers to the manufacturers website. Thus, it is important to understand affiliate marketing in order to take advantage of Affiliate Marketing program. (for complete definition, click here)

One good example of Affiliate Marketing is Google Adsense, many have earned a lot of money using their service combining it with Google Adwords. I’ve known a few people that has earned a lot from this strategy already and that is what this blog is all about.

So as you can see, I almost tried everything (except for Forex, I know). I have high hopes with this last one (Affiliate Marketing). I know if I desire, I can learn. And when I learn, I can earn. That’s my goal.

Here is one of the post I made from my blog SEO at SEO and PR Study. I am hoping to be an SEO Professional someday because I know that the money is there.


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