27 February 2011

Google Cuts Down Content Farms for Quality SEO

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Google has revelaed their new ranking algorithm which most probably hit lots of website's or blog's ranking. They promise to have a better search query result with their new algorithms  resulting a big hit on publisher's optimizations. Now, using your keyword as often as possible to gain higher SEO rank will most likely be useless. 

To put their equation in simple terms, here is a simple example:
Your blog Title: Top Dental Clinics in Sta. Mesa
Related Keywords: dentist, dental, clinic, dentistry, teeth .....

You get the picture? So if the keywords you used are related to your content's title then most likely your article will be considered a quality work. Of course, original work is still in their equation.

To content farmer publishers, this will be a loss for their rankings but for most publishers this is a good news. This could mean a great cut down on some of competitions on ranking. I remember there is an issue before that most publishers complain where a 5 page website/blog can rank high in search engines.

So to all fellow bloggers, if you are into SEO blogging, this will be a bit more of a challenge but the great thing is the odds have been leveled. So lets do our best.

You can read the Google's article here - Official Google Blog: Finding more high-quality sites in search.

Mini Payment
I just had a mini-payout from PTC25 - I just tried if they are going to pay me or not so I guess I can confidently say that they are paying. MyBux is still under construction or currently upgrading or scammed - let us see what happens next.


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