28 June 2011

5 Steps I Did for My PR2!

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Google just had a major update that was so unexpected. A blogger shouted at Facebook yesterday that is why I got aware of it. I remember the happiness I felt when XleonTips was ranked PR1 before and the sadness that I felt when it was taken away from me. BUT nevertheless, it was given back two-folds. It was really unexpected and I was a bit surprised to see the new ranking, probably if I was more active at promoting this blog I would have ranked higher (just thinking deeper).

So how did I make it to PR2?
After learning about the SEO / SEM and PR and how you can achieve it made this blog more meaningful. So when SEO Blogging, SEM Blogging or PR Blogging, what are the things you should do in order to achieve a higher PR? Check out my previous articles that helped me achieve this PR.

Of course, one way to get noticed is to allow yourself to be noticed by making yourself public.

When I say well-readable I mean your blog or site should be understandable. Try to review your article before you even publish it. If you find some errors, do correct it.

Before you made your blog/site, what was your goal? Who would you want to visit your site? What keywords you have to use in order to attract them?

When you present yourself to others, you want to be clear that the person trully knows who you are and how they can represent you to others. Be friendly and make it easy for them to refer your blog/site.

Having notice at Google is like shouting on a crowded noisy area but joining small groups and making a noise there could be much more helpful to you. But be also aware of the noise you are making.

That is it for now. Wish you success on your journey towards better PR.


Congrats on the PR2 rank. I also got a PR3 from 0 for SAHB after buying a new domain for it last March. Wee!

Wow! Great to hear that. I never thought I'll get ranked again since I was inactive but I guess there are still people reading my stuff and linking on it. Congrats to you then.

Great tips, since the Panda update my site's PR went down.

Yeah that Panda has to do with this I know lol! I have to check the details on their Panda, I've heard of it but I haven't checked it out yet. Thanks for visiting.

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