21 February 2011

Understanding Chitika

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A few days ago, I've joined Chitika to have a feel and to check if I am going to earn more from them than Google's Adsense. Chitika and Adsense are currently battling over which is the better Affiliate Marketing for all publishers, of course adsense has a lot to offer but sometimes great opportunities come from small things.

One thing I have noticed about Chitika ads is that they are not using my topic as basis for its advertisement. Instead of using my sites current topic that the user is viewing, it is using the users previous searches which is I think is good since the user could have probably gone to my site accidentally. I tried to experiment and made a new search at Google and then went back to one of my articles, refresh the page and found my previous search offered on their widget – COOL!

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Though it is important to have an advertisement that is related to your current topic, I find their method in choosing the ads much more strategic than of Adsense (atleast for me). You’ll get much more higher sales from what your readers if you offer them what they want, right? I am still new to Chitika but I think I am loving it already. It is a good thing Adsense and Chitika are compatible to each other.
This is just my opinion since Adgitize is giving traffic from different niches everyday so I really think Chitika is a great option for me. I'll try to experiment for the meantime and probably turn-off my adsense here at xleontips and use Chitika. I'll inform you people which is performing better in sales.

Update: Okay, I've tried it again but this time it is not working the same way as my observation above. I think the Chitika ad isn't updating at all, even according to my search. What's happening now is that the first article title I've clicked is show to me over and over again while I am on that same page. Now, I am confuse hmmmm... Let's see what happens next.


This post actually reminded me to the other day to put back Chitika in some of my blogs. I removed them before when they were having changes in their ads or categorizing websites.

It was good earning when I started until the changes. What I like is that the payout is just $10 and can be by Paypal.

I also got an email from them that they have an offer until April to double what publishers earn. Haven't seen yet in my account if that's true.

Have you earned anything now from Chitika?

I just joined them so I have no earnings yet. Dunno the rate per click - pwede ba subukan mo at ng makita ko kung magkano hehehe!

I've seen in one of Makoy's blog that he just got paid by Chitika $43. Cool.

I wish for a payout too hehe! but I just started.

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