16 February 2011

My Adsense and Adwords Adventure!

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I remember when I received my free $100 Adwords credit. Since then, I realized the value of terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PR (PageRank), backlinks, etc... It was a very thrilling experience for me and I have Google to thank for that. Excitement fill my day everytime I visit my Adsense. One time, I got depressed over a click which costed about $16 (just one lousy click!) - that was for using their automatic setting. It was a price you have to pay in order to learn this stuffs especially Affiliate Marketing with Google Adsense.

That time reading books about SEO really helped me in my SEO Blogging and Google Adwords keyword tool really helped me as well in finding the best keyword that I should be using and finding the best landing page.

No, this is not mine (I hope it is - lol!)
I remember I tried lowering the Maximum CPCs to the lowest and got nothing out of it. I thought my efforts are not really working. I tried raising my maximum cpc (sorry, I forgot my max cost). This time I got visitors about 2o I think and I was alerted by Adwords keywords saying that I am using my keywords efficiently and saying that I have to raise my maximum advertisement per day budget. I did not do as they said coz I don't want to loose all the money in just a few days and I am glad I did that. So instead, I played with my maximum cpc per keyword. I can honestly tell you that is the thrilling part.

I remember reading an article saying to let your keywords be "familiar to Google" before you lower its maximum cpc, so that is what I did. I raised my max cpc and then lowered it after a few days (3 days I think) then to my amazement - I got a huge traffic! Imagine for a lower max cpc with the same budget, you'll get more visitors of course. After a few days, I lowered it again and was amazed of its result - huge traffic! You should see my expression when I saw the reports.

After using the free $100 Adwords free credit, I was able to gather back $21 back to my Adsense which I think is not good BUT the fun part is, I've experienced it for free and gained a few bucks for it. I think if they gave me a $1000 free I might be able to double it in a few months. Right now, I don't have that much luxury but surely I'll try to experience it next time with my own money.


I thought its yours! LOL!
HIndi ko nagamit ung $100 Adword credit ko sayang hehehe...

Nice adventure on your Google Adwords experimentation. I'm sure you've learned a lot from it.

@mylene - lol! how I wish it was mine haha!

@eric - I've learned but the experience is kinda short and I know much is to be learned. Thanks for visiting.

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