17 February 2011

Clixsense Team Phils Growing Stronger!

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I just got two new referrals yesterday and got a bonus of $2.20 for both premium members that joined under me. Thanks to them I'll be withdrawing my first ever cashout at Clixsense. I can't tell you how exciting I feel once I saw my 2 new refs and once I've found out that I can have a new payment proof coming. I am planning to withdraw my money this end of the month since Clixsense pays via mass payout on or during the 5th of each month.

So what does Clixsense Team Philippine has to offer me?
First, Clixsense is the number PTC (Paid to Click) ever since year 2007. They offer exposures for every online business all over the world. For members, they offer an income stream for every downline you get or you have referred. 

Clixsense Team Phils will make sure that you will have your referral and have your income stream - and everyone gets a chance to have this privilege. This income streams could be a lifetime or until Clixsense has decided to close their business which is more likely a big "NO" since their business is doing great. 

So what awaits you when you join the team, a very generous passive income. For more information about the team, please visit Clixsense Team Philippines website.

By the way, Clixsense Team Phils has updated their website. Now members can refer people without confusion using their referral link  system which is also capable of tracking down your referral link's performance. They also have a new referral contest at hand.

One more thing, if you are already a member of Clixsense and would like to join us, GOOD NEWS is - YOU can still join the team but you should be willing to quit and delete your old Clixsense account. Once you have deleted your old account it will only be deactivated and can be activated once you have logged-in so beware and be used to your new login settings.


Congrats. Surely, I will join ClixSense Team Philippines under you, I'm just waiting til I cashout my second payment and it's soon I hope.

Way to go! I had my first few months ago..

@chin chin - sige, I'll wait for you then.

@chubskulit - congrats. This would be my first time and I am glad because both of my referrals are premium kaya nakakatuwa.

That's good for the users of the program to stay updated on the latest development.

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