14 February 2011

Farewell SEO and PR Study Blog

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I have decided to totally delete my other blog SEO and PR Study blog at wordpress. It's not because I have learned it already. I have learned a lot by studying about SEO and PR but the reason I am deleting it is because my time is almost spent in two of my other blogs which is this one and my Baul.

I am grateful that my Baul earned an award which I think should also be rewarded with its own domain. After I have finished with it's new layout that I am currently designing, I'll probably update it's layout and then grab the dot.com. I am almost finish with it but something came up again - a new layout in my mind just popped out. Now, I am torn between the two layouts. The first one is kinda heavy because I've designed it with jQuery and the second one is kinda simple.

Now, that I am thinking about deleting SEO and PR Studies blog, I might delete my Omnia 2 blog as well. I've fallen out of love of my windows mobile phone which is really a pain in my neck. The camera is busted once again. Atleast with SEO and PR studies blog, I just might transfer some of my articles from there to this blog but with my Omnia 2 - I'll totally trash the whole blog or probably grap a few informative articles - if there are any.

With these two out of the way, I'll be maintaining 3 blogs in total and 2 websites + 2 upcoming sites (work related). So that's it for now.

By the way, I am rebuilding this sites blogroll so watch out for it. All of my blog buddies out there who added me in their blogroll, please remind me of your URLs by making a comment. Thank you.


No plan to migrate it to WordPress (self-hosted) I am offering wordpress hosting at $10 per year :D in case you are interested hehehe...

Bro, check my latest post http://www.blogdemanila.com/build-free-25-unique-backlinks-to-your-pages-every-single-day/ about SEO. Let me know your thoughts.

@mylene - wordpress is good, I'll try using it on a free webhost first and check if adding google adsense is easy. I remember having difficulties before. I still don't have a solid idea of what ideas to blog.

@eric - that is cool, I've seen it before but I totally forgot to visit it again and register. I'll check their TOS and services to offer first. Thanks for sharing.

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