01 November 2010

How To Start Blogging: Step 4 - Attracting Visitors

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As I review my website articles, I realized the value of one article that is very useful to all newbies at blogging. My article "How To Start Blogging" which was published last year and has 4 series -still lacks few points. Now, I decided to continue its series.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Blog?

Create good, up-to-date and original content.
Before you invite visitors to your page, be sure to have good, up-to-date and original content. People you may be inviting have been in the site where you copied your content so be careful. Remember, first impressions will eventually lead to subscribers if you do it the right way.

Use Social Networking to your Advantage
Ask your friends at Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo Groups, etc.. to visit your blog or website. It is a free publicity. I'll make a tip about how you can use Facebook to promote your website or blog.

Join Ad Networks
With these programs you can join for free, get traffic and could even earn you money.Some examples of these networks are (Adgitize, CMFAds and EntreCard) Believe me, it all worked for me. My most money-making program is the Adgitize (Adgitize Payouts) and most traffic builder is EntreCard. You can join on both program and you could use both on your website.

Blog Hop using Adgitize, CMFAds and or EntreCard
Blog hop, Drop and make some comments on some interesting topics. This will likely increase your visitors as well. You can even use EntreCards toolbar to browse on the niche you like - this way you'll only be browsing topics you like.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines - This is another important step for all newbies.

Make Friends
By making friends on the same niche as you are, you'll likely to have subscribers and avid readers.

Introduction | Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 |  Attract Visitors and Make Money


All these tips work for me too. But I haven't tried CMFAds yet.

What I like most is posting everyday. This way bots will crawl your sites more often.

I have already some avid readers and I think you'd retain those readers and gain new ones when you post regularly. Of course it has to be unique and interesting.. :)

Good tips, Noel. Though, it really takes time and effort to build-up blog traffic. But if you do it right, it is very rewarding.

Great tips for beginners.It will help them.I am too new for my latest blog and have to run through this point.
Anyway you are still using old format for comments form.You have a great blog,then why not use Embedded name/url form.It will save some time for readers to comment here.If you allow then I will take link from this,visit BloggingPark. Thanks.

@testing - actually I don't mind having that comment format, the only problem I see is losing all my previous comments. But I am thinking of doing that too.

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