01 February 2012

New Template for Xleontips

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I've finally changed my template to this new one. Although I've been having some problems with some of the features that I've added along time ago. Most of the codes were intact but misplaced and I have to look for it on the codes - it's too exhausting!

I am still not finish customizing the theme and a lot of features are still not working. Like the rotating banners - still looking for good images and are related to my quick links. Sorry about that. 

Here is one image I found (I know it's not even related lol!) I just got distracted by my favorite game Tomb Raider.
I can't believe even though I am an at-home-Dad right now, I am so busy. First, of course is my youngest son Noah who loves too much attention and all the household chores are on me now. Now I really appreciate all the Moms out there for their hard work. In case you are all wondering, I just lost my job. I am still trying to adjust to my new lifestyle. I have so many things in my mind about how to earn online and I don't know which to prioritize. I'll probably write it down tomorrow and choose which goes first.

Hope you all liked it, it's all I can do for now with the time I have. See you all on my next update. I am also thinking of updating my Baul ni Noel theme but that will have to wait.


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