02 February 2012

3 Steps to Make an Article NOT Interesting

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Now here is another topic that I am very good at - NOT making an article so interesting. The reason I wrote this is for us to avoid those common mistakes. I have actually made an article before entitled "How NOT to Attract Readers!" but this article is different because we'll actually concentrate on the article and not the blog. Although this will have the same positive effect on your readers - if you do the opposite :).
1. Bad Title
The first and most important thing we should know is that making the title for our article is very critical. Have you ever noticed yourself whenever you are reading your emails and you sometimes found yourself reading SPAM mails? That is because they have a very catchy title. The first two seconds of your blog visitor's time is reading the title so it is very important to make a very good impression.
2. Worst Introduction
Okay, you have caught your visitor's attention when they read your article's title. Now it is important that your first 50 words would be worthy of their time too. You have to make them read on until the end. I know it is quite hard. I still am having the same problem sometimes that is why I have lots of unpublished articles here in this blog because I don't find my very first 50 words interesting. One good tip: It must be related to your title. Believe it or not, by doing this you are actually optimizing your site as per SEO's (Search Engine Optimization) requirements. If you do this step, you'll be expert in no time in SEO Blogging. One other thing, Google is actually ranking (PageRank) your site or blog according to how related your content is to your title so be very cautious about making a catchy title but unrelated content.
3. Not Delivering Your Offer
Who said anything about an offer? Well, your title says you'll give pointers on how to earn $20 bucks instantly, so where is it? 
You've caught their attention so now you must deliver according to what you've offered which is of course what your title said. Imagine yourself seeing a grand sale of your favorite bag, jewelry or t-shirt and after standing on a long line of people to the cashier, you found out that the item your holding was not really included on the sale items. It doesn't matter if your article is long or short as long as you deliver your offer because if not, they'll feel deceived, disappointed and will not ever come back to your blog again.

image from: http://esthersteinfeld.wordpress.com
There you go. That is how you make an article NOT interesting. Thank you for your time.


My first visit here,you got me with your catchy title.Your title is not interesting that is why I am here just to tell you that.nice post

Thanks Tess and thanks for the visit. Hope to hear from you again.

Its very informative page indeed.

The title should be interesting and have the keywords also. That way, you can accomplish two goals: attract the reader to the content and optimize the title for the search engines.

As for the first paragraph, I think the keywords should be present in the first and last line of the content block, in addition to sprinkling the keywords in subsequent paragraphs. Thank you for the excellent article.

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