08 February 2012

My New Toy for 2012

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Okay, so many birthdays, Christmases have already passed and I have not treat myself lately until today. Now for the first time, I've bought myself a high-end computer and not just a computer but a laptop. It is actually a gaming laptop and I love it, I haven't tested it for gaming though. 

I would like to present to you, my new mistress named Tosha! But before that, let me describe Tosha's features. Tosha is from Toshiba. A Satellite L755-M1M3 with an i7 processor. Packed with 6GB DDR3 memory which I am planning on maximizing while the memory is still available on the market.  Video RAM of 2 GB from NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M and has a hard disk capacity of 750GB. WiFI, Bluetooth, webcam, 2USB ports + 1 USB3 and with an LED screen display of 15.6" widescreen. It comes with freebies too. A USB Mobily Connect with a speed of 7.2 mbps for 3 months (5GB/mo) + 4GB Sandisk Flash Drive + some pressure balls to take off some of the pressure from my credit card bill this coming month.

So I now present you:
My white complexion Tosha
First thing I did as I unpacked Tosha was prepare my blank DVDs for burning recovery discs since they don't come with the package anymore. So remember, it is important to burn a recovery disc just in case you did something wrong and you have to recover its fresh and undisturbed working state.

While burning the recovery discs I was able to cook porridge (lugaw) for tomorrow's breakfast. Made me hungry, I'll probably try some. This is my first post using Tosha and we'd like to thank you for continued patronage. God bless to all.


Nice one! :) monster videocard 2GB! How much?

I got it at Jarir Bookstore for 2799 SR. I was actually rooting for the Asus packaged with bang and olufsen but they run out of it but this would do. Not bad for a branded laptop.

I mean not bad for a cheap branded laptop compared to other branded laptops ranging from 5000SR+.

Hello Bro..I just want to clarify if the price of your unit is SR 2799 or 3799?

Oh! sorry it was supposed to be SR 3799. There are new offers now I'll post them as soon as I pick the nice ones.

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