13 February 2012

Amazed at Modern Warfare 3

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Okay, last time I posted about my new laptop and said that I haven't tried any games yet to test the capability of the laptop I just bought so I did some serious testing. I've been hearing lots of noise about this game called Modern Warfare 3 and it seems pretty high caliber (means require a huge amount of memory) so I tested the laptop with this game.

At first I was a bit hesitant to download the game, anyways it's just to test, so I did download the 16GB game. You can buy this wonderful game at Steam, yes it is truly wonderful! I am amazed at the graphics, the huge maps on every mission and the game itself - of course I felt proud of Tosha (my mistress laptop). The game was smooth and hardly ever lagged. Great performance Tosha!

The controls are like Rainbow Six's controls so for me who's an avid fan of Tom Clancy games, it's like I was playing it for a long time. I still have to check the controls menu to see what other available options are there for me.

I was actually preparing for the most anticipated game Diablo III but if only I knew how great this Modern Warfare 3 is then this would have been my most anticipated game - it is now. I don't have to wait for Diablo III. Well, I'll still wait but while waiting for it, it will be MW3 that conquers my free time. Here is one scene I'd love the most.

I played this while my jaw kept on dropping.
This game is also available on XBOX 360 and PS3 (I think).


wow, i need to try that one! 16GB game wooooo!! ang laki!

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