09 February 2012

5 Steps in Hosting Your Site

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Choosing the right tool for the job makes all things a lot easier and makes the goal more achievable. After doing an excellent job in designing and creating the content of a website, it is time to host your website or blog and here is how you do it.

1. Enumerate your Requirements
It is best to prepare all the things that you'll be needing before you jump down on the first opportunity you see. State the platform you plan to use if it is a Windows based (Net Framework) or Linux based (PHP). How much space and bandwidth you'll need or if you will be needing a database.  How many emails you'll be needing. If they have a one-click application install such as Wordpress, Joomla or whatever CMS (Content Management System) you'll ever need. This list will then serve as your guideline on every step of the way.

2. State your Budget
How much are your willing to invest with the requirements you have stated on the first step? This could be a monthly budget or a yearly budget.

3. Look for a Hosting Company
It is important for a webmaster, web developer or a blogger to know which hosting company delivers its services effectively and accurately according to the list on step 1 you have gathered. It is not an easy task to review and check each hosting companies you'll find in Google searches. Not all hosting companies you'll find in Google are excellent at their job and not all deliver what you need. I do believe that it is important to look for a web hosting review that will help you in purchasing a plan before you regret it in the future. Here are some of the best web hosting services you can ever find. You'll find detailed descriptions of each hosting companies, the services they offer and the price and bonuses they give away.

4. Compare and Enumerate Candidates
In choosing your hosting company, compare the list (step 1) you have made with the services you found on step 3. Once you found the one that fits the description, double check the price and services on their website. Write down your candidates.

5. Decide
After finding the right prospects, compare and determine which would be the best for your needs. Choose a package plan and decide.

Hope you find this useful. If it is, you are welcome to share it using your favorite social networking sites.  Good day to all.

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