30 July 2011

The Thundercats are Back!

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Do you remember the old Thundercats Cartoons Show? I remember I used to imagine myself as Lion-O and while raising my sword I shout "Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats Ho!". Well, those were my fondest days. I am glad they're back, although I was expecting it to be shown on a 3D movie. Never expected to see it on TV.

Based on the trailer, this Thundercats 2011 cartoon series will start at the beginning, before Mumm-Ra was resurrected, before the team was founded and before Lion-O gets to have the Sword of Omens. Thundercats 2011 is currently shown on Cartoon Network.

Enjoy the show guys!


Like ko din itong Thundercats noon. Sayang, I'll miss this.

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