25 July 2011

Clixsense Team Philippines has a New System

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Okay, this may be an old news to all my fellow members but I would like to inform the others of their new Referral / Spillover system. Their old system was called NIL System or Next-In-Line System was changed now due to the growing number of new members that waits the NIL system.

Their new system is called Random Spillover System and no matter if you just joined or an old member, you will have the same chance as others. The system still monitors if you have completed your 3 referrals already. If you have completed the 3 refs then you will not be added on the new system anymore. But this gives you and your refs a chance to have their own PREMIUM refs which of course you will benefit as well. Don't forget Clixsense has an 8 level affiliate program which you'll get $1 for level 2-8 and $2 for level 1 or direct premium referrals.

With Clixsense Team Philippines, you will only have PREMIUM members under you if you were to be chosen on the Random Spillover Raffle which happens all the time if there are people joining without a referral.

This opportunity is for everyone even if you are already a member (of course you have to revoke your previous membership, it is best to consult CTP Admin or Moderator on how you can do this so your membership will not be voided or treated as dual membership).

Premium membership upgrade is now $14.95. They pay through AlertPay/Paypal/Liberty Reserve and Checks.

While Clixsense gives you a chance to earn from your level 1-8 referral's CLIX (your downline's earnings through their clicks), Clixsense Team Philippines gives you a chance to earn an income stream.

In order to join, please use this link: http://clixsenseteam.com/?ref=xleontips
If you asked who referred you, please specify XLEONTIPS

Thank you.


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