18 July 2011

Cloud Computing Technology?

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Back in year 90's when micro-floppy drive which has a capacity of 1.44 MB of storage was created, I remember I was always carrying a small verbatim box with me. Students thought it was so cool having to carry one. In my case, I used it to carry my ballpens, ID and four spare disks and one that contains all my personal documents like resume and other useful credentials.

Years after, came the USB (Universal Serial Bus) storage disk or what we call Flash Disk. It is very useful and way cooler than having to carry a micro-floppy box. Flash disk comes in various forms like cool keychains, credit card types or even toys. I have one myself which is a keychain that has a capacity of 8GB.
Credit Card type Flash Disk

Both technologies have been very useful to me but can you imagine if something went wrong to your device? Like getting it wet or accidentally burn it like what happened to my colleague. He was using his flash drive when suddenly while plugged-in on his computer, his flash disk burned. He doesn’t know how or why it happened but it did happen.

Good thing there is a new technology called cloud computing? This new technology is composed of different computing resources. To make it simple, imagine your resume or your important credentials like scanned diplomas, scanned training certificates, scanned birth certificates and more with just a few clicks, it will be available to you. You don’t have to carry anything with you. Of course you still have to make a print out of your resume when you are applying for a new job but most of your resources will be available via web. There's more to it than meets the eye and since internet is widely used by even small-scaled companies, it will serve a great help for everyone.

Many websites offer this technology for free and with a few bucks you’ll get more storage and some more useful services. The idea is to free us from devices and makes our important documents available whereever we go. And it is way-way cooler than micro-floppies and flash disks.

You can also share family photos to your extended family or dear friends via this technology. It is a great tool for everyone.


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