12 July 2011

On July 31st, Google+ Will Delete Private Profiles

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There are a lot of commotion after the release of Google+ and people were talking about them with different opinions and reactions. Some reactions are bad and some are good but how will people react about the deletion of private accounts?

My only reaction would be.... is my google profile even priate? I don't remember setting any private setting ever so what is this with private accounts? Probably, this private profiles were only used for sending emails and not accepting any (spammers)? Probably used by people having an affair?


Now, I have to find out if one of my google profile is even on private. I've been trying to check out the settings for "private" but found none. Better find it out before I loose my account. So do you have a private gmail account? is it private? 

Just to be sure, just add any close friends in your circle. Check how cool it is to add people in your circle. Wait, I forgot - I haven't activated this email's profile for Google+.

Check the article at Google.


nice post, i got mah google+ account and happy for it as for the moment didn't find any trouble.

it would be a help. tnx.

nice point of view! =)

@Bon - hehe! yah, it's just a sample anyway. Probably some just want things in private.

@Roy - good to hear about that coz I haven't fully activated and updated my profiles.

Thanks for visiting guys.

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