07 July 2011

The Android Addict!

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I've been using my Samsung Omnia i8000 with Windows Mobile 6.5 for over a year now and it's just like a plain basic smartphone now. I only use it to call and play a few games. And since its camera broke down for the third time and the warranty expired already, I grew tired and decided to accept the fact that I lost the camera already.

Samsung Omnia i8000 was already considered a failure and just after 6 months of being launched they just stopped promoting it and went promoting the new ones. It was my first time to buy a smart phone and it sucks whenever I realize its value. I am sour-graping here people and a bit regretful of my decision to buy it. I bought it the same time as my wife's HTC HD2. I thought since it has a dedicated graphics accelerator it will be faster but I was wrong.

Okay, I thought "was that it for my device?" until months ago I've heard of people trying to port Android on Omnia i8000. Yes, they are making the Android available for my dull mobile device. I was so eager to use it but when I read the article it says that there are still a lot of bugs and a lot of features are still not working, so I waited. And I waited.....

I read the news just a week ago that a lot of things were updated and is now working so I checked their forum and found out that it's true. I tried to install it but I became frustrated as to how many times I've failed. Two nights ago, I've decided that it's the last time I'll try and to my amazement - it worked!, I have succeeded.

Now, I am an Android Addict. Lots of Free games! games! games! apps! apps! apps! - I love it! Sorry, I'll have to cut this article short, I'm busy at the Android Market. Oh by the way, Windows sucks! (lol)


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