14 January 2010

Xperia 2's Experiment 13 Review & Download

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Sony Ericssons Xperia 2's packed game Experiment 13 was ripped-off and is now playable to other Windows Mobile phones. I am currently playing this great game using Samsung Omnia 2 and it does also work with my wife's HTC HD2.

When I first tried and viewed the game, I was amazed already because of its astounding graphics with 3D acceleration. However, when I first installed it on my Omnia 2 - it wasn't working at all. You have to download a ".dll" - don't worry it did work and quite really well. After downloading the zip file, unpack it and send it to your phone and put it on your Experiment 13's game directory.

Here is a preview of the game.

So here is the download link to the game:
Dll to make it work on phones that aren't working.

Enjoy this very cool freeware game!


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