29 January 2010

Busy Days

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It's been days since I last post here again. That is because I am very busy at home and at work. To add more load, I am making a blog theme for my other blog - "Baul ni Noel". Check it out, I am sure it's worth your while - more than this blog hehe!. By the way, the theme isn't up yet, I thought I could finish it in 4 days but no, I can't.

So what's up this past few days?

Several days ago, Adgitize had some issues with their server but it is now back, I assure you. It's time again to earn money with our blogs. And you happen to have problems with advertizing of it's cost, the answer is Adgitize - REALLY? Yes, really! Not only you get the traffic, but you can get back your invested advertising if you are not lazy to click and post which is you usually do on the net.

CMFAds, for the 2nd time denied my request to add my Baul as another blog, but thankfully this day it was Accepted. Thanks CMFAds people. By they way, they are also a good source of income, you should try it.

Once I have finished my Baul Theme, this blog will surely be next to be customized but I still have no idea of the design. See you guys, thanks for visiting.


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